Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Paint a Monogram

I bought this plain wooden stool at a thrift store months ago. I've been wanting to dress it up somehow. It functions as an ottoman for my reading chair (also a thrift store purchase). I decided it should have a large "S" monogram for our family name. The chair is positioned near our most used entryway, so it works.

I got this armchair for $20. The original upholstery fits-in with the rest of our decor. I might reupholster it someday in the future, but not anytime soon. I found the pond lily throw pillow at the same thrift for $1. It reminds me of my in-laws' beautiful pond lilies at their home. The needlework lap blanket was also a thrift store purchase.

I printed the large "S" onto regular computer paper in reverse. I flipped the "S" in a word processor before printing. I cut the "S" out, leaving enough space to tape the paper onto the wooden stool using painter's tape. I measured the top, bottom, and sides of the "S" using a ruler to make sure that it was centered on the stool.

I used a sharpened No. 2 pencil to trace the outline of the "S" onto the wooden stool. Make sure that you don't press too hard or you'll break the lead or tear the paper ...

Then, I went over my traced lines with a fine point black Sharpie. The black Sharpie works because the black paint will cover the lines. This makes it easier to see the traced lines when painting.

I used "Lamp (Ebony) Black" acrylic paint to paint the "S" onto the wooden stool. I took my time painting between the narrower lines and smoothing out the curves. Once it was dry, I spray-painted a matte clear coat over the top to seal it.

Here is the finished product! This same technique can be used to make painted wooden signs.

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