Saturday, June 21, 2014

Camelot: A Jacqueline Kennedy Inspired Tablescape

For this tablescape feature, I am linking up to the Summer Style Soiree.

This 2007 edition of Vanity Fair inspired my tablescape. I borrowed from the cover's silvers and golds. I don't own a set of black napkins, unfortunately. They would be so symbolic of her little black dress. Oh well, the white napkins will have to do. Don't you just love Jackie's hairstyle? So chic! I'm tempted to make a hair appointment!

I laid down a vintage lace tablecloth that I found at an estate sale. I added white crepe myrtle blooms, dark purple gladioli blooms, and hot poker leaves to a glass and chrome FTD vase that I found at a local thrift. I also added a small purple trimmed crystal bell to the table, since it matched the floral centerpiece. I'm sure that Jackie would've announced dinner by the ting of a crystal bell.

I love the contrast of the dark purple gladioli with the soft white crepe myrtle. It adds such a romantic touch to the table, so Jackie.

I used glass plates and silver painted chargers for the place settings. I added a gold foil dolly between the plates and chargers in keeping with my inspiration. In addition, I also placed a silver fortune cookie beside each place setting. I thought that this particular fortune was very suiting. Jackie was such a strong and brave first lady!

There is a good story behind this vintage star-etched crystal bar ware. I have a matching set: brandy (sorbet) glasses, daiquiri glasses, and small martini glasses. However, I didn't buy it all as a set. Me and my sister-in-law found the daiquiri and martini glasses at an estate sale. I bought the martini glasses and she bought the daiquiri glasses. We both got the 6-piece sets for only $1. She surprised me that Christmas by giving me the daiquiri glasses. Later, I went to another estate sale in another state and found the brandy (sorbet) glasses. I bought the 6-piece set for $3. I figured they could be used for more than just mixed drinks. I love adding more history to something that already has some!

I found these lucite Lillian Vernon napkin rings at my local thrift. They were $1 for the set! They are really neat because they have a built-in vase. The little water reservoir can hold little buds and keep them fresh. I used fresh peppermint leaf clippings for this table setting. They smell wonderful!

Here is another place setting shot. The vintage silverware was also found at my local thrift. I bought the whole set for $14. The only pieces missing are the dessert forks, but who really needs those? We only need the dessert spoons for our fancy sorbet dessert.

Jackie's ringing the dinner bell, don't be late!

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