Monday, June 23, 2014

Tale as Old as Time: Themed Wedding Shower

Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast

A friend of mine had her bridal shower this past weekend. It was absolutely marvelous, so we are featuring it for our very first Marvelous Monday post! She loves Beauty and the Beast, so our church group put together a themed shower in her honor. See the photos below ...

We had golden candelabras reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast's Lumiere on the gift table ...

along with a dancing Beauty and the Beast under a glass cloche.

The tables were decorated with roses submerged under water with floating candles on top. The roses were kept in place with blue flame marbles. We also added elements from other Disney princesses ...

Snow White ...

Sleeping Beauty ...

and Ariel!

The food was wonderful -

Cucumber Sandwiches

Vegetable Pizza

Mini Pearl Cupcakes

Mini Quiches

All washed down with this delicious raspberry tea punch!

Beautiful floral arrangements abound!

The bride was showered with presents and love! We clothes-pinned her bridal cards to a pink ribbon trimmed with puffs of pink tulle. We alternated between white painted clothespins and natural wood clothespins. It was a marvelous shower fit for a princess!

May the happy couple live Happily Ever After! The End!

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